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Guarantor for our products: our quality management

What would BINDER be without its committed, competent employees? After introducing our sales department at the beginning of this series, we now turn our attention to our quality control department. In this important department, everything revolves around quality – from the product, to the application and service, right through to the process.

In order to be able to view every process in our company from a quality perspective, we have divided our quality system at an organisational level into quality assurance and quality management. Quality assurance is concerned with the operational organisation of our production. Quality management focuses on all organisational and strategic measures that serve to improve the quality of our products, services, applications or processes. The goal is to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of our work, product and service processes across all departments.

Quality assurance tasks
The remit for quality assurance is broad and diverse. It begins with quality planning during the development and design of a product, include incoming goods inspection and quality assurance during pre- and final production and ends with the outgoing goods inspection. Other key activities include the quality control and quality testing of our products. We always keep an eye on possible ways to improve our products.

Only 100% tested products leave our company
We take random samples of incoming goods and during prefabrication to check whether the product quality is acceptable. In the final or acceptance inspection, we then carry out a 100% test, where every turbine and every engine is extensively tested. The results are stored and evaluated digitally. An inspection certificate is created for each serial number. Our control systems and switch cabinets are also fully tested before they go out to customers.

Quality assurance is therefore firmly anchored in all departments of our company. This shows the importance that we attach to quality management.