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Counter-current systems
for retrofitting

Our turbine swimming system EasyStar

EasyStar – the more for each pool...

The counter-current system you can retrofit: For a unique swimming experience

... Pure joy of life!

Do you already own a pool and would like to swim against the powerful almost-natural current of our turbine driven counter-flow system? Then EasyStar is just right for you. Your specialist retailer can install our elegant, compact retrofit system very quickly. It requires no complex and expensive earthworks. And the best thing about it: EasyStar not only boasts the same level of performance and function as the permanently installed HydroStar counter-flow system, it is also just as energy efficient. The power consumption uses 50 to 80 per cent less energy than conventional counter-current systems.

EasyStar offers the perfect solution for every training level: We supply the retrofit system in six performance levels with volume flows of 160 to 550 m3 per hour – special solutions with a flow rate of up to 600 m3 per hour are also possible. Let us know your wishes!

You can control the flow rate of EasyStar as you wish via app or remote control. 


optimal swim training


natural counter flow


no splashing water


easy to retrofit


energy-efficient operation


low noise & vibration


no high voltage

Ideal for retrofitting

Even if you already have a pool, you don’t have to do without a counterflow system. For retrofitting, there is EasyStar: This countercurrent system is attached to the pool edge by the specialist in no time. This compact installation has the same performance and functions as HydroStar.

How does retrofitting work?

  • The specialist EasyStar retailer will hang the unit over the edge of the pool
  • The cable is laid to the control unit, which a qualified electrician installs in the utility room in a few simple steps.
  • EasyStar can easily be screwed to the trim at the pool’s edge with a few drill holes
  • Now the swimming enjoyment can begin!

There are various options for installation:

  • On the trim at the pool’s edge
  • Under the trim at the pool’s edge
  • On a nearby wooden deck

You decide how your EasyStar should be installed! Since every pool is different, we manufacture an individual mounting bracket for each of them. This allows specialist retailers to optimally install EasyStar in your pool.

It is so easy to install our EasyStar.

In this short video, we show you how easy and fast is it to install our retrofit system.

Technical product information

EasyStar is available in six different performance levels. The smallest unit generates a volume flow of 160 cubic metres per hour – the next largest model circulates 215 cubic metres of water per hour and is therefore ideal for average trained swimmers. Our top model has a flow rate of 550 cubic metres per hour. This means that competitive swimmers can also train very well. For the especially ambitious professional athletes out there, we also offer a swimming machine with a performance of 600 m3 per hour.

EasyStar is not only available in different performance classes, but also in different colours (grey and white). These colours harmonise best with the most popular pool liners.


Our retrofit system is extremely quiet and requires very little maintenance, as the turbine drive’s friction bearings are lubricated by the water. It can be conveniently operated with the remote control or via the BINDER24 app. Since EasyStar is weatherproof, the system does not need to be removed in winter when used outside. A roller shutter cover ensures that the water temperature remains constant and no dirt gets into the pool when it is not in use. EasyStar’s mounting bracket does not disturb the operation of existing pool covers. They can still be opened and closed without any issues.

The roll-up device for the pool cover is mounted inconspicuously and therefore has no impact on the overall impression of the pool. It is “hidden” under a bench as an above-ground system or below the waterline as a subsurface system.

Learn more now about our drives for pool covers!

EasyStar was developed to ensure quick and easy installation by specialist retailers. In contrast to new pool constructions, no extensive earthworks are necessary. The retrofit system can therefore be installed within a very short time.

Take a test swim against the counterflow system.
You have to experience EasyStar’s unique natural flow for yourself. Hence, many specialist retailers offer a test swim with no obligation. If you don’t find one of our retail partners in your area, you can also test our turbine driven counter-flow system at our premises in Hamelin.

Book your personal appointment here!

Experience the EasyStar live

You can watch other videos of our HydroStar system in action on our YouTube channel.


Take a trial swim against the counter-current system.

You really should experience the unique natural flow of the Binder counter-current systems yourself.

Which is why many specialist retailers offer a test swim with no obligation. If none of our retail partners are in your area, you can also test our counter-current system at our premises in Hamelin. Book your personal appointment right away!