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simply MORE for your pool.

Swimming pool technology from BINDER


get the most out of your pool

Swimming pool technology from BINDER


We are BINDER.
A family-owned
company founded in 2003

BINDER is one of the leading manufacturers of drives for pool covers and counter-current systems in Europe. Our patented turbine technology creates a unique flow like in a river.

The power of nature in your pool

A completely new swimming experience with counter-current systems from Binder.

“For me, the system offers the opportunity to train in conditions that are close to real life. As a triathlete, I rarely have calm water during competitions. And apart from that, the technology is ideal for honing your swimming style.”

Carolin Meyer (triathlon trainer and triathlete from Cologne)

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Competitive swimming / wellness / health training / fun

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Out ahead with turbine power

The juries of numerous renowned industry awards have recognised our innovative technology. We were thrilled to receive the Plus X-Award, the German Brand Award and the Golden Wave Award. We also received the German Design Award for the design of the EasyStar housing. We do not want to rest on our laurels, however, but continue to improve. That’s why we keep working day after day on new products that turn the pool experience into something very special.