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Installation variants

Natural swimming at your place

The counter-current system for every pool

Our turbine driven counter-flow system HydroStar and our EasyStar retrofit system are suitable for pools of all types and sizes. Both systems are compact and require only a small amount of space. The installation is therefore extremely simple.

But we don’t just offer standard systems. If you have special requirements or wishes, we’ll be happy to develop an individual solution for you.

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Extremely space-saving: The Single Shaft

This design is very compact and therefore requires a relatively small amount of installation space. The Single Shaft provides space for one turbine. With the combination installation shaft the power level can be easily upgraded, which enable a flow rate of up to 275 m3 per hour (BGA 275).

Gegenstromanlage HydroStar von Binder

Maximum turbine power – with our Twin Shaft

Our Twin Shaft HydroStar (two turbines) generates an extremely broad current and thus allows very comfortable swimming. The Twin Shaft offers space for two turbines and same here: the combination installation shaft can be extended from 320 m3/h to 430 m3/h up to 550 m3/h. 

By the way: For competitive swimmers, we offer two special HydroStar versions with volume flows of 600 and 1200 m3/h respectively.

Enjoy swimming without chlorine: HydroStar for natural pools

In addition to classic swimming pools, so-called natural pools are becoming increasingly popular. These pools dispense with chemical substances such as chlorine; the water is biologically purified in a filter basin instead. Anyone who buys a natural pool definitely wants to have a natural swimming experience. Our HydroStar and EasyStar counterflow systems are an ideal addition: Their river-like current, low energy consumption and very low noise level create the perfect nature-style swimming experience. Our counter-current systems can be easily integrated into a natural pool. 

Gegenstromanlage HydroStar von Binder

Only nature is more natural: The perfect counter-current system for swimming ponds

If you want it even more natural, you can have a swimming pond built. One thing that makes swimming ponds different from natural pools are their underwater plants, which are located directly in the pool. 

The plants carry out most of the water treatment and ensure that swimming in the pond feels like being in a bathing lake. With their near-natural current, our turbine driven counter-flow systems enhance this effect even more, making them the perfect accessory for a swimming pond. 

Since the turbine’s cover plate can also be powder-coated (for example, in olive green), HydroStar fits perfectly into a swimming pond.

The type of pool is not important - HydroStar & EasyStar always fit

Whether stainless steel, concrete, polystyrene with concrete, GRP or various plastic one-piece pools: Our counterflow systems are suitable for all types of pools. Specialist retailers can quickly and easily  install them in both skimmer and overflow pools.

A further advantage is the enormous robustness of our turbines. Unlike other swimming machines, they do not need to be removed in winter when they are used in outdoor pools.