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Drive technology

Drive systems for pool cover

Maximum power for your pool cover

Powerful drive systems for pool covers

Under the MecaTec brand, we construct drive systems for many different applications. For more than ten years, we have been placing an especially large focus on drives for pool and swimming pool covers. In the last few years, we have become the leading manufacturer of high-quality drive systems in this segment.

Our tubular and shaft drives are made only of high-quality stainless steel and comply with the DIN EN 60529 standard, which is important for the swimming pool sector, and meet protection class IP68. We supply our DC motors (tubular motors as well as shaft drives) to all well-known manufacturers of pool covers.

Custom-made products

Of course, we are also happy to produce customised drive systems for your swimming pool cover. The basis for this is our extensive motor programme, with torques ranging from 120 to 1000 Nm.

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Our drive systems

Under the brand MecaTec, BINDER offers three different types of drive system for your pool cover. All systems are of a durable metal construction.


Underwater drive systems


Compact, watertight and adaptable

These systems are nitrogen-filled and thus absolutely watertight. Since they take up little space, they can be installed inconspicuously together with the winding shaft and slats in a roller shutter shaft below the waterline.

Underwater drives from BINDER are made of high-quality stainless steel and are available with a maximum torque of 150 to 1000 Nm. They also fulfil the criteria of the IP68 protection class, which is important for the swimming pool sector.
Patented water stop


Above-waterline drive systems


Robust and powerful

Our drive systems for mounting above the waterline are manufactured in two versions with maximum torques of 120 and 150 Nm respectively. They have a galvanised steel construction and meet the criteria of IP Code IP65.


Shaft motors


Completely watertight even when sumberged

Normal block motors cannot be used in water-filled shafts. Our shaft motors can: As with our underwater drive systems, they are nitrogen-filled and are thus completely watertight. Hence, they stay operational during a temporary flooding. Our shaft motors run under water for 35 minutes at most (pressure of 0.5bar). The compact cast-iron gearbox is coated with a protective layer of waterproof paint. Our shaft motors meet the criteria of IP Code IP67.


Control system


The perfect addition to a smart home

To complement our DC drive systems, we also offer easy-to-operate control systems. The controller can even be configured individually if required and can be supplied with a remote control on request. Our control systems are compatible with smart home systems.