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The perfect counter-current system for the pool

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Stationary or mobile: Our countercurrent systems

We have the right system for every pool. Are you planning to build a new pool? Then our HydroStar turbine swimming system is ideal for you. For those who already own a pool, there is the EasyStar retrofit system. No matter whether you choose the permanently installed version or the retrofit system – the comfort of the natural flow is always the same!

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The perfect counter-current system for the pool

Do you still dream of having your own pool or has your wish already come true? No matter which group you belong to: A counter-current system for the pool is the optimal addition to your personal fitness and wellness oasis. Let us tell you why our turbine swimming systems are a tremendous upgrade for your pool, what advantages the turbine technology offer, and what you should consider when choosing.

Our counter-current systems offer many advantages

Most pools have a compact length: so, if you like to swim longer distances, you must constantly turn around. With a turbine swimming system, that’s a thing of the past: The systems produce a strong, yet pleasant current for you to swim against. Your body stays in the same position. And this means endurance swimming is possible even in small pools.

This is how our counter-current system works for your pool

There are many types of counter-current systems. Conventional devices work on pump basis – they selectively approach the swimmer. BINDER counter-current systems, on the other hand, are equipped with turbines. These systems produce a broad, powerful flow like a river.

Technology makes the difference

Pump-operated counter-current systems put a one-sided strain on your body and cause splash water, which impedes visibility. The flow produced by the patented turbine swimming systems from BINDER, on the other hand, keeps you balanced, which means you can focus entirely on your swimming technique.

The broad volume flow rate also ensures that several muscle groups are being exercised at the same time.




Counter-current systems from BINDER are energy-efficient  

The turbine driven counterflow systems require 50 to 80 percent less electricity during operation than conventional pump-operated systems. The installation is also much easier and therefore less energy-intensive than with pump-based systems.


HydroStar gets the MOST out of your pool

Whether for fitness, wellness or splashing around: Great fun for the whole family

We have the perfect counter-current system for your pool

The right performance of a counterflow system depends on your individual preferences and your training level. Are you an experienced swimmer or a beginner? Would you like to use the system mainly for endurance training, or also for wellness treatment and pool fun for the children? The flow rate of turbine swimming systems can be adjusted individually. We offer our counter-current systems in many different sizes. Thus, we’ve got the right model for everyone!

Maintenance costs are minimal

Unlike a pump-operated counterflow system for the pool, our turbine swimming systems require little maintenance. This is due to the special construction of the systems: The plain bearings of the drive are lubricated by the water and a separate drying room is not needed.

It's best if you see for yourself

Would you like to test HydroStar and EasyStar before you buy a turbine driven counterflow system for your pool? No problem: We offer many possibilities to try out our products with a free test swim. Further information can be found here.

Discover the BINDER product world

In our interactive image brochure you will find a lot of interesting information and suggestions about our turbine float systems.

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