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Integrated counter-current systems

Our HydroStar turbine swimming system

HydroStar – get the most out of your pool…

Dive in. Swim. HydroStar.

Excellent swimming pleasure

HydroStar is unique on the market for counter-current systems. The patented technology has already received numerous prestigious awards, including the Golden Wave Award, the German Brand Award and the Plus X Award. The great success of HydroStar has its reasons: We sell the system exclusively through selected specialist dealers with whom we work closely. In this way we are always close to our customers and know exactly what they expect from a counter-current system.

HydroStar generates a pleasant, powerful current that flows evenly around the body. This makes the system perfect for wellness applications as well as for enduring, demanding swimming training. Test it now for free!

optimal swim training

natural counter flow

maintenance-free turbine

no splashing water

easy to retrofit

energy-efficient operation

low noise & vibration


no high voltage

A natural swimming experience with the HydroStar turbine swimming system

  • The counter current system from BINDER is available in different performance levels
  • Create training programmes easily via the app
  • Wide, powerful current: ideal for endurance swimming or relaxing water gymnastics 
  • The turbines do not produce any unpleasant splashing water
  • Space-saving, quick and easy installation (also for retrofitting)
  • There is an optional choice of 2 different lighting systems
  • Quality Made in Germany

Technical product information

Experience the HydroStar live

You can watch other videos of our HydroStar system in action on our YouTube channel.

Take a trial swim against the counter-current system.

You really should experience the unique natural flow of the Binder counter-current systems yourself.

Which is why many specialist retailers offer a test swim with no obligation. If none of our retail partners are in your area, you can also test our counter-current system at our premises in Hamelin. Book your personal appointment right away!

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