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The full package

Everything for the perfect swimming experience

We offer attractive accessories to complement our countercurrent systems. Whether atmospheric lighting, an app for controlling and creating training programs or protective grids: Here you will find everything that makes swimming even more enjoyable.


Simple settings – thanks to our app

The BINDER counter-current systems can be ordered with an app control ex works, which can also be retrofitted to all systems manufactured from April 2019. With the BINDER24 app, the flow rate of HydroStar and EasyStar, for example, can be conveniently controlled via smartphone or tablet. The app also works with the Apple Watch: this requires an Apple mobile device on which the app is installed (iPhone or iPad). The installation on the Watch runs either automatically or can be done manually on the mobile device. To operate the turbine swimming systems, the mobile device must be paired with the Watch and the app must have been started on the device. An implementation of the app for smartwatches from other manufacturers is already being planned.

With the BINDER24 app, in addition to the flow strength, you can also control optional LED lighting or create your very own individual training programme! The app is available for Android and iOS in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.


Even greater safety: our stainless steel grilles

From the outset, BINDER has been protecting users of turbine swimming systems in public baths with its stainless steel grilles fitted in front of the outflow opening in accordance with the DIN standard EN 15288. This additional protection for our systems, which are already very safe to use, is now also being offered to private HydroStar users. The current remains unaffected by the protective grille, so you’ll continue to get limitless enjoyment from swimming with your HydroStar system.

The swimming enjoyment at the touch of a button

Which current strength would you like today? With our practical Piezo button, you can regulate the output of the turbine(s) quickly and easily. The button is available in various formats so that it adapts optimally to your pool.

Atmospheric mood lighting

Our LED lighting for HydroStar is fitted in the installation shaft beneath the turbine. It bathes the current from our turbine swimming system in atmospheric red, yellow, blue or green light. Using the remote control, you can select six different light intensity levels, while the app enables infinite adjustment.

The atmospheric lighting is compatible with all of our installation shafts: It is suitable both for the individual and also for the dual-turbine shafts. The type of shaft is also irrelevant: Your retailer can install the LED lighting with ease in both standard shafts and flat shafts.

The LED colour change takes place automatically, but can be halted by means of the remote control. With the HydroStar app, you can even select a specific colour. The LED is ideal for newly built pools as well as existing installation shafts with rail mounts.

Magical lighting effects with the HydroStar illuminated ring

The LED light ring at the outflow opening creates a pleasant atmosphere and facilitates orientation while swimming. Its unique appearance has even won it awards: Our LED light ring was awarded the 2022 German Design Award in the category „Excellent Product Design Lighting“

It bathes the pool in changing colors and can be controlled by remote control or app.

Full power for your pool cover

Under the MecaTec brand, we also offer a selection of high-performance tubular motors and shaft drives for the drive of your swimming pool cover. We produce drives both for underwater use and for installation above the waterline.