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World Heart Day 2021

BINDER counter-current systems improve health

On 29 September every year, World Heart Day reminds everyone of the importance of sport and exercise for heart health. By swimming regularly we can keep the most important muscle in our bodies in tip-top condition. Training with the BINDER turbine-powered counter-current system further enhances the training effect.

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Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are among the biggest killers in Europe

. In Germany alone, 300,000 people die from strokes, heart attacks and the consequences of high blood pressure each year. According to the World Heart Federation (WHF) around 80 per cent of these deaths are preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

Medics also see it this way: Dr. Wolfgang Kurbjuhn from Hamelin, Germany, is convinced that: “Many cardiovascular diseases can be prevented with moderate physical exercise.” Statistics prove him right: According to the German Heart Foundation, just ten minutes’ brisk walking a day lowers a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease by around 20 per cent.

Swimming as a sport is heart-healthy because it offers effective training, whilst also protecting the heart muscle. The water pressure causes the blood vessels on the skin’s surface to constrict, which forces blood back into the chest cavity, thereby making the heart pump harder. Eventually, the heart adapts to this extra load and becomes more efficient.

HydroStar and EasyStar increase the training effect

BINDER’s turbine driven counter-current systems further increase the benefits of swimming, thanks to the wide, powerful currents they generate. You also get a further huge advantage: “You can avoid over- or under-training by adjusting the load limits to best suit you”, says Dr. Kurbjuhn.

For him as a GP, preventing heart and circulatory disease is very important: “Only by instilling a healthy lifestyle right from childhood can we effectively combat this disease.” As chairman of “Turn-Club Hameln von 1880 e.V.” gymnastics club, Dr. Kurbjuhn has long been a committed sportsman. The club also has a cardiac sports group and offers ergometer training for cardiac rehabilitation. BINDER recently showed its support for this exemplary commitment by making a donation.

More info on the unique HydrodroStar counterflow system can be found here. The system is also available as a practical retrofit option.

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