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A benefit for body and soul

with HydroStar

Orthopaedic surgeon and sports physician Ulrich Haupt on the numerous benefits of swimming and his enthusiasm for the HydroStar turbine swimming system from BINDER

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It strengthens the cardiovascular system, trains the shoulder, upper body and torso muscles, improves breathing and is easy on the joints. Orthopaedist, traumatologist and amateur triathlete Ulrich Haupt is rapturous when he lists the advantages of swimming. And these are just the physical effects of swimming – and by no means all of them.

Good for memory and concentration

“Swimming specifically improves blood flow to the brain, which leads to countless positive effects,” explains the Swiss specialist. Regular swimming improves cognitive skills and memory. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress and strengthens the ability to concentrate.

Furthermore, according to Ulrich Haupt, there are indications that swimming can contribute to the therapy or prophylaxis of depression and dementia.

In addition, studies have shown that young swimmers have a higher degree of self-confidence than non-swimmers of the same age.

No distractions from other swimmers

Ulrich Haupt knows what he’s talking about – as a medical doctor and himself as a passionate swimmer and enthusiastic triathlete. For his training, he uses the HydroStar turbine swimming system from BINDER. Why? “It gives me quick and easy access to swimming.” The counter-current system creates a pleasant, powerful current that flows evenly around the body. This positions you in the water in a way that is almost identical to swimming in nature.

“There are no distractions, for example from other swimmers, so you can focus very well on your own technique,” emphasises Haupt, who has also recently joined BINDER’s “athlete team”. HydroStar’s LED light ring helps him to orientate himself while swimming. “Plus, of course, the design is beautiful at dusk or in the evening.”

Ideal training effect thanks to individual resistance

Two to three times a week, the 53-year-old swims for 20 to 45 minutes. The individually adjustable resistance helps him to achieve an ideal training effect. He also uses the pre-installed training plans in the BINDER24 app.

The sports physician also recommends the counter-current system to build up form after an injury or as part of rehabilitation. “The flow resistance can be individually adjusted to the current state of health or rehabilitation. This is much more difficult to implement in a swimming pool.”

Movement sequences internalised

Ulrich Haupt lives near Thun in the Swiss canton of Bern and practices there as a specialist in orthopaedics and sports medicine. His favourite hobby is sport, and at some point he combined his favourite sports of swimming, cycling and running together to tackle the triathlon.

Ulrich Haupt has competed in numerous short and middle distance competitions and has often achieved a podium position in his age group. Perhaps his greatest success was his participation in the IRONMAN 2022 in Hawaii. Before running the 42.195 kilometres marathon and cycling 180.2 kilometres there, he first had to swim 3.86 kilometres – along with hundreds of competitors in the very salty, up to 27 degree warm water of the Pacific. These are challenging conditions. Good for those who have internalised their movement sequences through regular training and can concentrate fully on the demands of the environment.

Try it yourself?

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