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from BINDER GmbH & Co. KG

Environmental protection and sustainability – an important topic for BINDER

BINDER not only manufactures counter-current systems that generate a natural flow: the company is also very concerned about the environment itself. That’s why the swimming pool technology specialist already began taking a series of measures to save energy and reduce packaging waste a long time ago. And these are slated to be expanded even further in the future.

One important project with regard to climate protection and sustainability is the photovoltaic system on the roof of the production building, which supplies 100 percent green electricity for production and administration. The e-filling station is another: in addition to the company’s own vehicles, employees and customers can also charge their cars here. In future, BINDER will equip its company fleet with exclusively electric vehicles. Another climate-friendly action was the switch to energy-saving light bulbs in administration and production – a change that was made years ago.

The careful use of natural resources is also close to BINDER’s heart: that’s why the company uses reusable packaging in many areas, which BINDER returns after receiving the goods for the next delivery and which are then used again. BINDER has already spared large amounts of packaging material by means of this process.

The expansion of production capacities is another area of note; this became necessary due to the high demand for the turbine swimming system. BINDER planned the new company buildings according to the latest insights into energy efficiency.

Incidentally, the turbine swimming systems themselves are also true energy savers, as they consume only 15% of electrical energy compared to pump-driven counter-current systems (using the BGA 160 as an example) for the same flow rate. When manufacturing its products, BINDER also uses only high-quality components that have a long service life and are recyclable to a large degree. This reduces the consumption of resources even further.