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Comparison Pumps –Turbines

HydroStar is no more expensive than other counter-current systems. On the contrary.

Purchasing a counter-current system is a long-term investment that turns swimming in your pool into an even greater pleasure. There are many options, so a precise comparison with the help of a professional is recommended. 

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At first glance, other manufacturers’ counter-current systems may appear cheaper than our turbine driven counter-flow systems. Appearances can be deceptive,…

…however, as competitors’ systems usually require a whole range of additional work to install.

This includes, for example, the construction of an inspection shaft. This is not only reflected in the price, but also in the required space. You can think of it like this: While conventional swimming machines approximately require the area of a terrace (with installations), BINDER systems do not take up any additional space in the garden.

Their installation shafts are installed underground directly behind the pool wall (outside the swimming area) and, with a depth of only 515 mm, are extremely compact. 

Gegestromanlage / Turbinenschwimmanlage HydroStar von Binder

Watch out for hidden costs

In contrast, pump-operated systems with inspection shafts require permanent access, which must be integrated into the terrace, for example. However, these subsequent costs are usually spread over different invoices in the manufacturer’s quotes, meaning that the total price is not apparent at first glance.

The system’s purchase price seems very low at the beginning, but with many additional components and installation work required, the total price subsequently increases many times over. With BINDER’s turbine driven counter-current systems, the quoted scope of delivery already includes the complete product ready for construction.

Hence, you end up paying no more for the HydroStar than for a conventional counter-current system. 

On the contrary: Our technology is extremely energy efficient, which has a positive impact on your electricity bill. Moreover, our systems do not require a high-voltage connection.

Pump-driven counter-current systems, on the other hand, require around two days to set up due to pipe installation and shaft construction.

In contrast, a turbine driven counter-current system from BINDER can be fully installed within approx. three hours by one or two swimming pool technicians.

The reduced time allows specialist retailers to deploy their staff on considerably more construction sites and install multiple counter-current systems in the same time they would need for one pump-driven system.

Moreover, unlike pump-driven counter-current systems, HydroStar requires hardly any maintenance – a clear advantage over conventional systems. 

One further plus point is the robustness of our counterflow system: In contrast to pump-operated systems, it is winterproof and therefore does not have to be removed during the winter, which entails a lot of work. HydroStar also does not have any frost-sensitive pipework, as is usually the case with pump systems.


These are the advantages of our turbine driven counter-flow systems

Optimal swimming training

Counter current close to nature

No splashing water

Very easy to retrofit

Low power consumption

Very quiet operation

Powerful, broad current

Little space requirement

No hidden costs (complete price)

Simple installation by the specialist retailer

Very low maintenance requirements

Convenient operation

trial swim

Would you like to try out our counter-current system’s unique swimming experience for yourself? Then arrange a trial swim in your area by clicking here. We’ll be happy to advise you in more detail on selecting the right counter-current system for your pool.