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Swimming fun with a clear conscience

with EasyStar

Imagine there was a powerful counter-current system whose energy consumption you didn’t have to worry about. BINDER’s turbine swimming systems make this dream a reality: they offer maximum swimming fun with minimum electricity costs.

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The reason for the systems’ low energy requirements is their patented technology: while most counter-current systems on the market are operated with pumps, BINDER’s models are based on turbines. They create a broad, powerful current that carries your body and keeps it in balance.

The drive technology is also so efficient that the energy consumption is 50 to 80 per cent lower than that of pump-based systems. This is due to the fact that a 24 V motor is sufficient to operate the turbine-driven counterflow systems. Conventional systems, on the other hand, require a high-voltage connection.

More economical than household appliances

However, our counter-current systems are not only more economical than comparable products. The turbines also consume less electricity than typical household appliances. For example, if you calculate the energy requirement for half an hour of swimming with a HydroStar BGA 160 at the highest level, then this adds up to to 0.435 kWh. At a price of 37 cents per kilowatt hour, electricity costs amount to just around 16 cents.

In contrast, an average oven consumes around 1 kWh per half hour (convection mode), which is more than twice as much energy. This almost creates a dilemma, because if you make a pasta bake with grated cheese, the calories of the meal are added to the energy consumption of the oven – around 380 calories. Thus, should you save electricity while swimming or eat pasta instead? In this case, we advise you to be less hard on yourself – both are good for you and make you happy. And by training with the HydroStar, whether before or after your pasta bake, your personal energy levels will definitely be in balance in the end.

Incidentally, it’s not just the oven that generates significantly higher electricity costs than our counterflow systems – a toaster (0.6 kWh/22 cents), a coffee maker (0.6 kWh/22 cents) and an iron (0.5 kWh/19 cents) also require more energy per half hour.

Valuable resources are conserved

This example demonstrates quite impressively how low the power consumption of our turbine swimming systems is. The technology not only saves a lot of energy, it also indirectly conserves valuable resources. Because the current is very strong and adjustable to your individual preferences, even a relatively small pool is sufficient for endurance training. First, this significantly reduces the amount of materials required to build the pool. Second, due to the smaller volume of the pool, considerably less water is required than for an average swimming pool and therefore less electricity is needed to heat the pool.

Installation is quick

There are plenty of good arguments in favour of a turbine swimming system from BINDER. Regardless of whether you opt for the permanently installed HydroStar version or the EasyStar retrofit variant: both systems offer the same performance and the same functions.

Have we raised your curiosity? Then arrange your own personal appointment for a free trial swim right away! More and more retailers are offering this service. You can find out where you can test our systems – with no obligation – here.

Or you can visit our showroom in Frankfurt. Make an appointment right here and let our expert team advise you at a trial swim.

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Have you become curious and would like to test the turbine-driven counter-current systems for yourself?
No problem: You can try out HydroStar and EasyStar in our showroom in Frankfurt a.M. during a trial swim without obligation!
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