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Learning to swim is easy

with EasyStar

In their swimming school in Eschborn, Laura and Ralf Driemeyer teach children to move safely in the water. The compact EasyStar counter-current system from BINDER plays an important role here because it creates a flow that simulates the current of a river.

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Swimming is Laura Driemeyer’s great passion. As a child, she took part in swimming competitions and as an adult, the hobby has become very important in helping her to balance out the stresses of everyday life. At the beginning of the 2000s, a colleague at the Frankfurt-Höchst Clinic asked the trained paediatric nurse if she would like to teach children with disabilities how to swim. “I was instantly keen on the idea,” Laura Driemeyer recalls. For several years she enjoyed great success running swimming courses in the clinic’s therapy pool.

The dream of having your own swimming school

Laura Driemeyer soon realised she enjoyed swimming lessons more than her actual job as a paediatric nurse. So in 2008, she decided to set up her own swimming school. Initially, she continued to run her courses at the clinic, but she wanted to expand the offer to include courses for adults and so started looking for a larger pool. Laura Driemeyer finally found what she was looking for in Eschborn near Frankfurt, where she set up her swimming school “La Rana” in a rented private pool in 2019.

BINDER expands its product range with the counter-current system

At 9 metres long, the pool is too short for effective training with adults. To mitigate this problem, the owners had equipped the pool with a counter-current system – but it did not work. So a replacement had to be found and Laura Driemeyer’s husband Ralf immediately knew what to get. As a swimming pool technician and pool builder, he knows the turbine swimming systems from BINDER and their wide, powerful flow very well. He didn’t need long to convince his wife because she had previously had bad experiences with conventional pump-driven counter-current systems: “The current was so weak that I was stuck to the wall of the pool after a short time.”

The Driemeyers opted for the EasyStar retrofit system, which can simply be hung over the pool’s edge and easily screwed in place. The current fascinated the couple from the very beginning: “I would never have thought that there was such a powerful counter-current system,” says the swimming teacher.

Children have a lot of fun in the current

An EasyStar BGA 430 from BINDER has been hanging in the swimming school’s pool since 2019, generating a flow rate of 430m3 per hour. Laura Driemeyer mainly uses the turbine swimming system in her children’s swimming courses for the silver badge. Children are currently one of the main target groups, as during the pandemic the swimming pools were closed and no courses could take place. The need to catch up is therefore huge.

“I turn on the EasyStar now and then to mix up the training,” Driemeyer explains. Starting the counter-current system is the highlight of every training session: “The children love to play and splash in the current. They always ask if we’re doing it again next week.” Some children stick a swimming board under their belly and let the current push them towards the pool wall. Others dive under the current or let themselves be carried by it on an air mattress. “It’s so cool,” thinks nine-year-old Mathilda. Linn, who is the same age, agrees: “It’s a lot of fun.”

Laura and Ralf Driemeyer also use EasyStar for another reason: “We use the system to show them how strong the current is in a river and that you shouldn’t underestimate it.” This never fails to create a big light-bulb moment: “Many are surprised by the power of the current,” the swimming teacher explains.

EasyStar is also well received by adults

For Laura and Ralf Driemeyer themselves, the purchase of the turbine swimming system has also been worthwhile – they train regularly with the EasyStar. “After classes, I often turn the equipment on and do crawl and backstroke or improve my kick,” says Laura Driemeyer. Her husband Ralf also raves about turbine technology: “It’s a great swimming experience. I use the system a lot and am also happy to sell it. Every customer who tries out the system loves it.”

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