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Great fun in the pool

with low energy consumption

Environmental protection and sustainability enjoy high priority at BINDER – and not just since the climate crisis. Right at the start, when he was developing his unique HydroStar turbine swimming system, company founder Siegfried Binder paid attention to low energy consumption. In the meantime, the company has committed itself to the responsible use of natural resources in many places

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The HydroStar counter-current system is the best proof that enjoying a swim does not necessarily come with high energy costs. Quite the opposite: The system is based on a turbine technology developed and patented by BINDER. The turbines are driven only by a 24V motor and consume just 20 per cent of the electricity needed by conventional counter-current systems using high-voltage current.

What’s more, the turbine swimming systems contribute to saving resources through their performance alone: Those who install the equipment can carry out endurance training even in a small pool. All you need is a relatively short pool, which requires significantly less building materials and energy than a pool without a turbine swimming system. The HydroStar also has stylish lighting systems that create an atmospheric ambience and are very economical to use thanks to energy-efficient LED technology.

Climate-neutral: power supply

However, BINDER not only attaches great importance to the low energy consumption of its products, the company endeavours to work as sustainably as possible during production too. This is visible to the outside world through the photovoltaic system on the roof of the company buildings.

It supplies not only production and administration with green electricity, but also the e-charging station on the company premises, where both the company’s own vehicle fleet as well as the cars of employees and customers are charged.

Packaging is reused

When it comes to sustainability, the swimming pool technology specialist has also achieved great success in shipments and deliveries as well. BINDER uses so-called returnable packaging in some cases: After receiving the goods, the packaging is returned with the next delivery and then used again. This process has already saved packaging material on a large scale.

In addition, BINDER continues to use the delivery packaging of external companies despite the third-party logo and only uses cardboard/carton, adhesive paper tape and recyclable stretch film for packaging its products. The cables for the turbine driven counter-flow systems are wound onto wooden cable drums that rotate in a deposit system. And to make plastic straps superfluous for securing packaged materials, BINDER operates its own stretch system.

Regional suppliers reduce transport routes

BINDER also pays attention to the environment when procuring raw materials and components for its products by keeping transport routes as short as possible.
More than 90 per cent of the raw materials and components come from Germany – the company even sources 43 per cent from suppliers within a radius of no more than 100 kilometres.

BINDER is even expanding its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability in the future too. For example, the planned new company building will be heated entirely with district heating. In addition to this, the PV system is being expanded to be able to cover as much of the energy demand as possible with green electricity.

Free trail swimming

Have we piqued your interest? Would you like to try out the turbine-driven counter-current system for yourself? No problem: You can go for a test swim and try out the HydroStar and EasyStar in our showroom in Frankfurt.

The BINDER team looks forward to your visit!

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