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Regain fitness quickly with turbine power

Why BINDER’s counter-current systems are ideally suited to sports rehab

Exercises in water are perfect for rebuilding muscles gently as part of rehabilitation.

Training using our turbine driven counter-current systems is even more effective. World champion Paralympic swimmer and physiotherapist Elena Krawzow describes the background.

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“BINDER’s counter-current systems support the positive impact of swimming and water aerobics because you are faced with resistance from their broad, powerful current while exercising. This helps to rebuild muscles in a gentle manner.”

Says the athlete. There is also another positive aspect: to keep their balance in the current, the patient has to keep their body in a state of constant tension. “This trains muscles more efficiently than ‘normal’ swimming.”

In this context, BINDER’s turbine driven counter-current systems provide a clear benefit in comparison with conventional pump-based systems, as their broad and powerful current is considerably stronger.

Optimal dose of counter-current

In the current of turbine swimming systems, patients undergoing rehabilitation can do sports that would involve a high risk of injury on dry land, such as jogging.

Rehabilitation training using a turbine swimming system from BINDER also enables people who cannot swim or who do not wish to swim to enjoy an intense muscle workout in the water. The current can be regulated to such a degree that exercises can be carried out at any time while standing. “The option of individually altering the intensity of training is something I think is great,” says pro swimmer Krawzow. Using a Piezo button, a remote control or an app, the strength of the counter-current systems’ current can be adjusted precisely to the respective performance level.

Training using a turbine swimming system is also suitable for the treatment of diseases not involving operations, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

Left: point loads in conventional counter-current systems
Right: wide and even top and bottom flow thanks to our turbine technology.

Perfect for small groups too

The BGA 600 turbine size with a flow rate of 600 m3 per hour is particularly suited to rehabilitation exercise.

The BGA 600 provides an even broader current than the other HydroStar versions, meaning that two or three swimmers can train alongside one another! This is possible thanks to the BGA 600’s considerably larger outlet opening, which is available in three different variants: as a fixed installation, as a mounted system or as a standing version.

Quick installation of a counter-current system

Anyone who already has a pool can have the EasyStar retrofit system installed by their specialist swimming pool retailer in next to no time. As very little groundwork needs to be done and only one lot of cabling is necessary, EasyStar can be installed within a short amount of time.

The system offers the same performance and functions as the fixed HydroStar version. It is suitable for private households as well as for rehabilitation facilities, which can thereby considerably expand their target group for mobilisation through water therapy.

Low operating costs

Our HydroStar turbine swimming system and the EasyStar retrofit system not only offer many health benefits. They are also gentle on the wallet, as they consume 50 to 80 percent less energy than pump-operated systems and need very little maintenance.

Find out about our HydroStar and EasyStar turbine swimming systems now.

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