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MORE as standard: Our design department

What would BINDER be without its committed, competent employees? With this in mind, we’re presenting some of our departments to you, in no particular order. This time we’re focusing on: our design department, which specialises in the customised development of special solutions in addition to the design of products, devices and prototypes.

The typical tasks of a design engineer include the creation of drawings, parts lists and documents, as well as the maintenance of CAD and product data. Projects are handled independently, which also includes internal coordination and liaising with customers and suppliers.

Our design engineers specialise in customising our standard products, such as the special EasyStar angle, according to the specified pool geometry, as well as offset cable outlets in the installation housing, customer-specific installation housing solutions and wall ducts. One of the new developments from our design professionals is the flow-optimised poly installation housing, with all its associated components, such as the cover grille, press flange and turbine suspension.

Our design engineers either have a degree in mechanical engineering, are state-certified technicians or have a comparable qualification and are always available to answer technical questions.