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„It's simply great fun“

with HydroStar

Whether competitive athletes, families or people who want to do something good for their health: many people would like to have their own pool. Here, four swimming pool owners have their say. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common: they enjoy the natural flow of a BINDER turbine swimming system in their pool.

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Kay Klindwort can still remember the exact moment when it “clicked” for him: in spring 2022, the amateur triathlete decided to finally fulfil his long-cherished dream and have a pool built in his garden. The sports enthusiast in his mid-fifties did some online research and soon came across the website of a swimming pool retailer in his neighbourhood: they are very familiar with the construction of pools of all shapes and sizes.

Triathlete is enthusiastic about the current

The owner recommended a turbine-driven counterflow system from BINDER to Kay Klindwort to match his pool. The triathlete was sceptical at first: “I’ve tried many counter-current systems, but they always lacked the power and that natural swimming feeling.” Therefore, Klindwort made his way to the BINDER headquarters in Hameln and tested the HydroStar turbine swimming system for himself. The result surprised him, as he quickly realised: “HydroStar is very well suited to demanding swimmers.” The family had a twin turbine with a flow rate of 430m3 per hour installed, which they control conveniently via the BINDER24 app. Kay Klindwort is really impressed with the HydroStar: “I can train whenever I want, and the children love jumping into the water and splashing around in the current.”

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Your own pool at last

Our HydroStar turbine swimming system also gave Ulrike Lemke a real boost to her well-being and fitness. The volunteer lifeguard has loved water since she was a child and had always thought: “If I ever win the lottery, I’ll build a swimming pool in my garden.” At some point, however, Ulrike Lemke grew tired of waiting on luck.

She contacted a specialist dealer who made her certain that she was in good hands right from the start. “It was really nice working together with them, there was a mutual respect there,” says the passionate swimmer about the planning and construction phase. Together they not only found the right pool for her, but also the ideal counter-current system. “I really wanted HydroStar from BINDER, because many of my friends and acquaintances have systems from other manufacturers and are not really satisfied with them,” says Lemke. She also travelled to Hameln especially for a trial swim, and her expectations were more than fulfilled: “Training with HydroStar is a lot of fun.”

A very special swimming experience

The Wilhemis from Dresden have chosen a natural pool for their garden: Here, the water is purified by a biological filter system so that no pool chemicals are required. “It wasn’t that easy to find a sensible alternative to conventional pools,” recalls Hans Wilhelmi. He finally came across a specialised dealer from the surrounding area who had decades of experience in building natural pools.

A highlight in Hans Wilhelmi’s swimming pool is the HydroStar turbine-driven counterflow system: a friend from university had recommended it to him: “He is a competitive swimmer and said that this was the facility with the best current,” says Wilhelmi. The friend has a HydroStar in his pool with a flow rate of 550m3 per hour. “That’s too much for me – the 275 turbine is more than enough,” laughs Wilhelmi. He is very happy with his natural pool: “It’s pleasant water, very different to that of a normal swimming pool.”

HydroStar came into play during the pool renovation

The Schulze family wanted a powerful counter-current system when the existing pool was due for renovation. Susanne Schulze and her husband Gerhard found out about the latest trends and decided in favour of a GRP pool with a HydroStar BGA 160. “The specialist dealer was very friendly and he gave us some good advice,” says Susanne Schulze happily. She, her husband and their three children are still delighted with the turbine swimming system: “We really love the powerful current.”

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