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BINDER supports

regional sports clubs

The family company BINDER is firmly rooted in the Hameln-Pyrmont region. This attachment is expressed through its sponsorship of various clubs devoted to ball games, which the swimming pool technology specialist have supported financially for some time.

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Company founder Siegfried Binder has been playing sports since he was young and so feels great solidarity with all those who are involved in the region’s clubs.
The sporting passions of the HydroStar inventor include both football and handball: “This fast-paced sport has always fascinated me,” says Siegfried Binder.
His huge enthusiasm makes it quite natural for BINDER GmbH & Co. KG to offer financial support to several clubs.

Strong commitment to club sport

BINDER therefore sponsors both the HSG Blomberg-Lippe ladies’ handball team, as well as the football clubs Hannover 96, TSV Havelse and SSG Halvestorf, plus young triathletes at ESV Eintracht Hameln. Last but not least, the company supports outstanding individual athletes such as Paralympic gold medallist Elena Semechin (nee Krawzow) and triathlete Lisa Gerß.

Partnerships will be continued

As a family company with strong regional roots, it is important to BINDER to carry on supporting club sport in the future. “Sport keeps you healthy and helps to strengthen social cohesion.
We identify with our region and want to promote sport locally as a key social factor.” says Managing Director Felix Binder.

Existing sponsoring contracts will also be continued in 2023.

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