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About us

The inventor of the turbine driven counter-flow system

It all started with pool covers...

BINDER GmbH & Co KG was founded in 2003 and initially concentrated exclusively on the production of drives for swimming pool covers.

Company founder Siegfried Binder knew from his close contacts in the industry that many pools have no cover and therefore quickly cool down. He saw a gap in the market and began producing electrically driven roller shutter systems. 

Under the name MecaTec, the company also began to produce tube and manhole motors for well-known pool cover manufacturers with great success. Today, BINDER is one of the leading manufacturers in this area.

The idea for Siegfried Binder’s next invention was inspired by a customer who was unsatisfied with the performance of their counter-current system. Binder decided to develop his own system with a much wider and more powerful flow.


2012: HydroStar hits the market

After years of development work, the time had finally come in 2012: the first HydroStar swimming machine was delivered. BINDER then applied for a patent for this in 2014.

The technology of the turbine driven counter-flow system was and is revolutionary because it completely does away with the usual pump technology. Instead, the water is set in motion by a brushless DC motor, which creates a much wider and stronger current. The motor was developed in-house by BINDER and is manufactured in Germany from high-quality materials. 

Pump-based counter-current systems generate a flow that applies a point load to the body. We thought that there must be another way.

It must be possible to construct a counter-current system that can provide a swimming experience similar to the one found in nature. One where the current flows so evenly that swimmers do not constantly have to try to keep balance.


Left: Selective charges in the interests of counter-current systems.
Right: Wide and even top and bottom flow thanks to HydroStar.

Two things were important to us when developing HydroStar:

A broad, powerful current that cannot be swum through and which carries swimmers in a way that allows them to fully concentrate on their technique

Easy and intuitive operation

In addition, we wanted our counter-current system to be energy efficient, in order to protect the environment and your wallet. After years of trials and developments we finally found the solution: our turbines. They create a current that is quite similar to that of a river. To this day, no other counter-current system can do this. The feeling of swimming in nature – this you can only get from us.

High interest in the technology

Meanwhile, the popularity of HydroStar and EasyStar continues to grow. Many customers try out the unique current in a test swim and are blown away.

In 2019, BINDER even had to significantly expand its production and storage capacities within a few weeks due to the high demand. 

Performance is constantly being improved

Since HydroStar was launched onto the market, BINDER has continuously improved the performance of its turbine driven counter-flow system. 

Models are now available with volume flows of up to 550 m3 per hour; for very demanding swimmers, there are even special solutions with a flow rate of up to 1,200 m3. 

The next generation leading the company into the future

Siegfried Binder’s sure instinct for customer needs has turned the company into a success. His children Frances, Sibylle and Felix have since joined the company. They will continue their father’s work and develop new products around HydroStar and EasyStar.

By now, there are already extensive accessories available and the control options have also been expanded: For example, it is now possible to also regulate the strength of the current via app. 

BINDER is therefore excellently positioned and will continue to enrich the swimming pool technology market with new developments in the future.

My family. My trademark.

“My family is the most important asset. Anyone who buys one of our products becomes a part of this family. That’s why I do everything I can to ensure that our products are the best.”

Quote Siegfried Binder

Out ahead with turbine power

The juries of numerous renowned industry awards have recognised our innovative technology. We were thrilled to receive the Plus X-Award, the German Brand Award and the Golden Wave Award. We also received the German Design Award for the design of the EasyStar housing. We do not want to rest on our laurels, however, but continue to improve. That’s why we keep working day after day on new products that turn the pool experience into something very special.


Our EasyStar

After the HydroStar turbine swimming system was met with great interest from specialist retailers and their customers, we wanted to make the technology available to owners of existing pools.

The idea for a modern, quick-to-install retrofit system was born – EasyStar. The mobile counter-current system is just as powerful as HydroStar and can be installed by a specialist retailer in just a few steps.

When will you bring the natural swimming experience home?