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Ready for bathing

This is the right way to get your counter-current system running.

Spring is just around the corner and as a result the season for outdoor pools too.

Many are now asking what the best way is to prepare their swimming pool and our turbine swimming systems HydroStar and EasyStar for this. We asked Ingo Meurer (national key account manager) what you should bear in mind.

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Mr Meurer, what’s the best way to get your pool fit for the season?

Ingo Meurer:
The most important thing is cleaning: Before I let in the water, I have to rid the pool of serious soiling, such as leaves, twigs or insects. If the pool is fitted with a BINDER counter-current system, you should also check the shaft of a HydroStar or the hood of a EasyStar system and if necessary rid them of coarse soiling.

And what do you have to do after cleaning the pool and filling it with water?

Ingo Meurer:
Now you have to check the pH value. This value is very important for the water quality, since it influences the effectiveness of the water care agents. The ideal pH value for pool water is between 7.0 and 7.4. If the value measured diverges from this, you can counteract this with pH+ or pH- products.

But there is one question we have not yet clarified: when is the right time to fill the pool?

Ingo Meurer:
Depending on whether a heat pump is installed in the pool and what its capacity is. There are different heat pumps. With some, you should wait until the outside temperature is constantly above 15 degrees before starting up, as the pump only works efficiently from this temperature. However, some pools are operated all year round, so that bathing is possible even at a frosty outdoor temperature of 10 degrees.

Thank you very much for the talk, Mr Meurer!

Do you still have any questions about “season start”? Your local swimming bath specialist dealer would be pleased to assist you. You can find an overview of all BINDER authorised dealers here.

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