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Individual swimming analysis

with HydroStar

Many swimmers would like to improve their technique, but they have a problem: they can’t see how they move in the water. That’s why professional swimming analysis is ideal. To this end, the Dutch training company 3SL-Sports uses the turbine swimming system HydroStar, which specialist retailer Bos Zwembaden installed in his demonstration pool. Its current is perfectly suited to the tests.

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Breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl or butterfly: every stroke has its characteristic features. But have you really mastered them? You can find out at 3SL-Sports in the Netherlands. Here, triathletes Lieke Hegeman and Simon Kukkert offer a range of services including swimming analysis, taking a close look at even the smallest details. “We record our customers while they are swimming. Next, we select individual sections of the video recording and compare them with the ideal for the respective stroke,” reports Lieke Hegeman. Thanks to the recordings, swimmers have the opportunity to finally watch themselves in action.

Turbine technology creates ideal conditions

For its analysis, 3SL-Sports uses the demonstration pool of the specialist swimming pool retailer Bos Zwembaden from Twello. The 5 m x 2.5 m pool has a glass wall on one side, which gives the experts an optimal view of their customers’ swimming technique. The highlight, however, is the turbine driven counterflow system HydroStar BGA 550 from BINDER, located on the front side of the pool: on its highest setting, it generates a flow rate of 550 m3 per hour, which feels like the current in a river. The performance of the counter-current system can be precisely adjusted to individual preference via remote control, app or piezo switch. “This is practical, because our swimmers have a broad spectrum of training levels,” explains Lieke Hegeman. “HydroStar allows each customer to swim at a speed they are comfortable with.” The professional athlete is also impressed by the adjustable height function of the turbine driven counter-flow system: “This allows us to optimally direct the flow for athletes who swim higher in the water.” The double turbine offers an additional advantage: its broad flow rate always keeps swimmers in place and ensures that they are not constantly trying to maintain their balance.

Video recording from every perspective

Anyone can undergo a swimming analysis at 3SL-Sports. The procedure is always the same: “There is a warm-up phase during which the customer gets used to the turbine swimming system. Next, we set the ideal speed and the athlete swims for another five minutes. Then we begin filming from various perspectives and finally the customer receives tips on how they can improve and has the opportunity to put these into practice in the pool right away”, explains Lieke Hegeman.

In her opinion, the demonstration pool from Bos Zwembaden is perfect for swimming analysis: “The swimmer feels at ease in this elite, yet relaxed swimming environment and the lighting in the pool coupled with the glass wall creates the ideal conditions for recording.”

Many retailers offer trial swimming

The specialist swimming pool retailer Roland Bos is happy to provide his new demonstration pool for swimming analysis by 3SL-Sports. Bos specialises in high-quality, energy-efficient indoor and outdoor pools and is one of the leading providers in the Netherlands of swimming pools made from sustainable materials. The demonstration pool with glass overflow window, turbine swimming system and hand-finished SICIS glass mosaic is designed to inspire customers and offer them the opportunity to experience the unique and nature-mimicking flow from HydroStar themselves in a free trial swim.

As it happens, many specialist swimming pool retailers in Europe offer this: here you will find the addresses of the retailers who offer no-commitment test swims with HydroStar and EasyStar.

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