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Creating waves in the pool industry

Trends and developments in the pool industry

What are the top trends in the swimming pool industry? What do customers pay particular attention to when choosing their pool today? And why are the turbine swimming systems from BINDER so popular? We asked a few of the experts for their opinions.

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Trend 1: Shorter basins

“There is a clear trend towards smaller pools,” explains Benjamin Kohls, Division Head of Swimming Pond and Natural Pool Construction at Hoppe Garten- und Landschaftsbau in Uelzen. The reason is obvious: Since property prices are very high in many regions, the average property size has shrunk accordingly. “We are building many pools that are only around seven metres long”, reports Kohls. “Since customers want to use as much of their garden area as possible in spite of the pool, rectangular designs are popular, because they take up the least space.”

However, the trend towards smaller pools does has one disadvantage: sustained training is difficult in shorter pools because you are constantly having to turn around. The turbine-powered counter-current systems from BINDER are an ideal solution to this problem: it is practically impossible to swim through the wide, powerful, high-volume flow generated by the systems. Hoppe is one of the specialised dealers who has the turbine swimming systems in his portfolio and allows customers to try them out with no obligation.

Trend 2: Pools with shallow water zones

Dominic Lindenberg from gartentyp GmbH in Sprockhövel can attest to the rectangular swimming pool trend. In addition to the space saved, he named two further advantages of this pool type: “The form is simultaneously modern and timeless. This is important for garden design. The gardening and landscaping expert also recognised another development in the pool sector: shallow water zones. “An increasing number of people are interested in swimming pools with a wet lounge,” Lindenberg explains. In his opinion, the turbine swimming systems from BINDER are optimally suited to such pools, since, unlike comparable systems, they are also easy to install in this difficult-to-access basin area.

Trend 3: Staycations

Ute Wanschura from the Bundesverband Schwimmbad und Wellness (bsw) has spotted another significant trend: the desire to spend more leisure time at home. “Over the last two years during the pandemic, people began to focus on turning their homes into really pleasant and comfortable places.” For many, this includes a pool with a counter-current system, which should use as little energy as possible. This leads us nicely on to trend 4.

Trend 4: Energy efficiency

For a long time now, Ute Wanschura has observed that many pool owners place great value on resource-saving solutions: “The counter-current systems from BINDER address this need very well.” The systems are based on unique turbine technology that uses 85% less energy than pump-driven systems (when compared with the BGA 160).

Trend 5: Maximum comfort

Ute Wanschura has made another observation: “Customers value comfort. They want the technical systems for their pool to be easy to use.”

The turbine swimming systems from BINDER also score points here, as they can be very easily controlled by remote control, piezo switch or via the BINDER24 app.

Free test swim

Have we piqued your interest? Would you like to try out the turbine-driven counter-current system for yourself? No problem: You can go for a test swim and try out the HydroStar and EasyStar in our showroom in Frankfurt.

The BINDER team looks forward to your visit!

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