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Get MORE out of your garden

with a pool and a counter-current system from BINDER

Property owners take note: here you will find out how you can easily transform your garden into a bathing paradise with a pool and one of our turbine-driven counter-current systems!
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A garden is something splendid in and of itself:

in just a few steps you enter a completely different world and leave everyday stress behind. Relaxation doesn’t really get any better. Or does it? Having your own pool offers even more opportunities to genuinely switch off: for example, endurance swimming, wellness exercises or just happily splashing around.

Having a pool in the garden is also ideal for learning to swim: children can practice in peace and take as much time as they need. This is important, as being able to swim makes for safety in the water and strengthens self-confidence.

If you have your own pool, there’s no need to travel to an open-air facility with your family and jostle with lots of other people in the water. Fun in the water can be found right outside your door. It’s an enticing thought, isn’t it?

There’s space even in small gardens

More and more people are making their wish for their own swimming pool come true.

It’s no wonder: thanks to BINDER’s turbine-driven counter-current systems, even a small pool or an above-ground pool suffices, and there’s space for one of them in almost any garden. Small pools consume relatively little energy for the water pump and heating, and the volume of cleaning chemicals required is likewise comparatively low. By contrast, they offer maximum fun, as the HydroStar turbine swimming system creates a genuine oasis of fitness and well-being even out of small pools!

HydroStar is considerably more effective than conventional systems, as the current is generated using turbines instead of pumps. This creates a broad and powerful flow rate, which supports the body evenly and cannot be swum through. This enables intensive training to be completed even in small pools, without having to constantly turn around.

Rapid installation, easy use

BINDER offers HydroStar in different versions with flow rates of between 160 and 1,200 m3 per hour. The retrofit system EasyStar is available for existing pools; it is simply hung over the pool wall and screwed firmly to it. Both systems are suitable for almost any type of pool and can be installed within a short period of time by a swimming pool dealer or gardening and landscaping company.

The flow volume can easily be controlled via a remote control and, optionally, a piezo keypad or the BINDER24 app.


Award-winning technology

BINDER counter-current systems have already received multiple awards for their unique turbine technology – including the German Brand Award and the Plus X Award. The awards honour the systems’ patented functionality, which not only ensures a great deal of fun but also extremely energy-efficient operation: the amount of electricity consumed by the systems is up to 80 percent lower than with pump-operated versions.

Another benefit in comparison with conventional counter-current systems is the very low volume of noise created. Plenty of additional exciting information about BINDER’s turbine-driven swimming systems can be found in the new gardening and landscaping brochure. By the way: anyone who fancies testing out HydroStar and EasyStar can arrange a free trial swim at any time.

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