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For your dream pool

Find the perfect counter-current system for your pool

From a bathing and paddling El Dorado to an all-round pool where children learn to swim and you discover what is best for you physically, there are numerous possibilities.


Choose the right product

BINDER has the right system for every pool. Are you planning on building a new pool? Then our HydroStar turbine swimming system is the right choice for you. And for those who already own a swimming pool, we have the EasyStar retrofit system. Our turbine-driven counter-current systems are available with different power levels in models with one or two turbines. You can optimally adapt their flow to your preferences. Take a free trial swim to easily find the best variant for you. You can get an overview of our specialist trade partners here.










It couldn't be easier

Here is an overview of how simple it is to install our HydroStar and EasyStar systems.

Individual special requests

What extras does BINDER offer for its turbine swimming systems? What’s the new BINDER24 app all about? You can find out all the important information in this video.


Now it's time to get to work

The quick route to your very own dream pool

Triathlete Sabine Lischka had dreamed of a pool in her garden for a long time. In spring 2020, the elite athlete finally turned her plan into reality with the help of her husband. It was clear from the start that they wanted the pool fitted out with the turbine-driven HydroStar counter-current system from BINDER. “The system generates a current similar to that in open-water swimming,” the triathlete says enthusiastically. The pool was constructed in record time; all work was completed and the turbine swimming system was installed in just four weeks. Now, Sabine Lischka doesn’t have to travel to her local pool each time she wants to train. She just has to take a few steps across the grass.

Bathing fun with a mountain panorama:
We present a freshly renovated pool on the edge of the French Alps. 


Are BINDER turbine swimming systems also suitable for salt water pools?
What do you need to bear in mind when maintaining the systems?

Trends in swimming pool technology

What is currently on trend with respect to pools and where are we headed? We asked Ute Wanschura, Managing Director of the German Association for Swimming Pools and Spas (bsw).

BINDER: Ms Wanschura: If you look back on the last few years: For you, what were the major trends in the swimming pool sector?

Ute Wanschura: It could be said that the industry experienced a boom in the years 2020/2021: people were unable to travel due to the pandemic, so they focused on making their homes nice. For many, this naturally included a pool. Increased health awareness supported this development – as did the ECB’s low-interest policy, which makes investments in your home an attractive option.

BINDER: As the association’s Managing Director, you have extremely good contacts and get to know a lot: What do customers want from a counter-current system?

Ute Wanschura: Convenience is a key point: above all, the system needs to be modern and easy to use. The topics of environmental protection and energy efficiency are also important. I think that BINDER’s turbine swimming systems cover these areas very well.

BINDER: Can a counter-current system of this type actually increase the value of a property?

Ute Wanschura: Yes, definitely. A survey by the Internet portal Immowelt showed that a pool raises the value of a property by around 13 per cent. With a house price of EUR 500,000, this would mean an increase in value of EUR 65,000.

BINDER: What are the prospects like for the swimming pool sector in the next few years?

Ute Wanschura: I think that there is a future for the market for private pools. There’s a great deal in favour of this, including the fact that the weather is getting warmer. It’s worth having a pool, especially since they can now be used from March to October. Some people even take the plunge in December (laughs). In Germany, we have 16 million privately owned homes, but only 2.1 million pools. So there’s definitely upward potential.

HydroStar makes a garden paradise perfect

GrünForm Achtermann GmbH from Springe makes the most wonderful garden dreams come true. A pool is an essential component – preferably with a counter-current system. Owner and Managing Director Maximilian Holzhausen recommends BINDER’s turbine swimming systems to his customers. To enable all interested parties to try out the systems themselves, Holzhausen has installed a demonstration pool in his show garden. Even the biggest sceptics are won over by a test in person: “Anyone who has swum against one of the systems buys one,” reports Holzhausen.

Alongside the unique current, the expert considers the ease of installation another benefit: “We get a finished product that we have to set into the pool wall. Traditional pump-driven systems provide much more installation work. To fit the BINDER systems, two employees need a maximum of one morning. For us, that’s great.”

The binder pool lounge


Wellness / health / fun / inspiration

Welcome to the BINDER Pool Lounge

Would you like to have your own pool? Or do you already have a swimming pool and want to get more out of it? Get attractive design suggestions for your pool here!

The BINDER Fitness Center

Get great training tips from Paralympics winner Elena Semechin (née Krawzow) and professional triathlete Caro Meyer. So: Let’s go!

Trial swim: See all advantages in the video

Our HydroStar and EasyStar counter-current systems create a unique flow. In this short film, we show you how this can benefit the whole family.