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from BINDER GmbH

Expansion of the warehouse and production halls

In September, the BINDER family invited participants to attend the roofing ceremony. The new 300 square metre warehouse and production hall was erected in a short time. The new premises were urgently needed to cope with increased demand.

The new hall was inaugurated before a circle of employees, tradespeople, friends, press and politicians. Due to the close ties to his hometown Hamelin, Siegfried Binder said in his welcome address that almost exclusively Hamelin-based companies had been commissioned.

Lord Mayor Claudio Griese is delighted with the company’s history and emphasises how important the company is for Hamelin’s economy. The now more than 60 employees show that Siegfried Binder was onto a good thing back then with business idea to develop turbine-powered countercurrent systems.

Since the sales figures for the counterflow systems are continuing to grow, the sky’s the limit, explains Siegfried Binder. “We plan to acquire a new plot of land in the Hamelin industrial area in two to three years, where we can build completely new facilities to fully optimise our production and development possibilities.”