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Even MORE swimming fun – with the new BINDER +System

Great news for all HydroStar fans: the BINDER +System is here! It offers numerous advantages in relation to our popular turbine swimming system.
An important component of the BINDER +System is BOB. BOB stands for Beleuchtete Optische Bedienfeld in German, which translates as an illuminated optical control panel in English. Just like our piezo switch, BOB is integrated into the pool wall and enables the turbine swimming system to be operated from the pool. The new control panel also uses LEDs to indicate the set current. This means you can always see the system’s current power level. The BOB LEDs also offer a great colour spectacle.

BOB can be synchronised directly with the BINDER24 app and can be locked to prevent accidental activation. The seam-free surface of the keypad is particularly robust and sits securely in the installation housing even without screws.

New lighting programmes The LED light ring and ambient lighting from BINDER are also made even more attractive by the BINDER +System: the improved control system enables many new lighting effects.

Would you like to know what else our new +System has to offer? Feel free to contact us!